Budget solo trip to Manali in January. Check!

I have eaten solo at restaurants and cafes plenty of times. Sat by a bar and read a book while I sipped wine. But nothing came close to the feeling I felt when I decided to take a 5 day trip from Delhi – Manali – McLeod – Delhi as a solo traveler on a... Continue Reading →


Killer Visual Marketing Takeaways From The Endgame Trailer

As our eyes linger over a crash... Tony Stark's voiceover takes us back to the time when he became ..Iron Man. The scene cuts to the present where the Iron Mask looks like it has something to tell..Stark voices something he's not felt in a long time..despair. Cutback to more flashbacks.. Captain America, Thor. Intriguing,... Continue Reading →

Excercise Sunny Side Up!

Today, I realised why as we grow older it is important to excercise. I realised that excercise is all about breathing consistently. From the time we are born, breathing is a natural and unconscious process. But as we grow older, we are pushed into that space of time, urgency, responsibilities and hence we forget to... Continue Reading →

"Experience has taught me that there is nothing like being inhuman. Being born a human or any living being in fact is to have qualities both good and evil as an equal part of ourselves. No matter what we do, however mean or kind, at the end of the day, we are portraying characteristics of... Continue Reading →

"When you yourself are not perfect, you don't hold the right to call out on someone else's imperfections."

"Love is felt to its true intensity when one is not afraid to express oneself."

"Love is in all those ordinary expressions, and you'll be just fine if you can simply learn to embrace it and not study it."

"Always, you've just got to do what you love and give them wings."

"When in doubt, thank God for Vodka and swings."

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