"Experience has taught me that there is nothing like being inhuman. Being born a human or any living being in fact is to have qualities both good and evil as an equal part of ourselves. No matter what we do, however mean or kind, at the end of the day, we are portraying characteristics of... Continue Reading →


"When you yourself are not perfect, you don't hold the right to call out on someone else's imperfections."

"Love is felt to its true intensity when one is not afraid to express oneself."

"Love is in all those ordinary expressions, and you'll be just fine if you can simply learn to embrace it and not study it."

"Always, you've just got to do what you love and give them wings."

"When in doubt, thank God for Vodka and swings."

"After all, none are born without fault in their stars."

Time to be Green: Ways You Can Make a Difference

2 things that I learned from this blog-

1. In office, put your system to sleep when you break for lunch.
2. At home or when you step out, always carry your own reusable plastic -though as I write this I feel it’ll never solve the purpose of banning plastics as only you know that you are reusing it but to others it might seem like you did a fresh purchase and the thought process is going to remain stagnant, therefore crossing off carrying plastic bags altogether and simply using jute or cloth bags instead would plant a seed of positive thought in the minds of strangers while doing so..
Anyway, to get back to the insight- it is always good to carry a cloth bag when you travel as you never know when you’ll want to hit the store for a bag of chips and dips. It was good read. Thank you, Christy!

When Women Inspire

We are always looking for ways to help the planet. After all, we want to ensure the world stays in good condition for future generations. However, a lot of people struggle to find ways they can help as an individual. But there are plenty of things you can do in your normal life to be more green and ultimately help the planet. In fact, here are some ideas of how you can be more green and make a difference in your daily life.

At work

We firstly need to take our attention to our work life in the quest to be more eco-friendly in our lives. After all, there are lots of changes we can make in our work routine to make a difference. Firstly, you should consider how you are getting to work. So many people rely on their vehicle to get them to their workplace. But if you…

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